CX Glossary

In the word of Customer Experience a great deal of acronyms, expressions and terms are used, which to the uninitiated can be rather bewildering. In most cases the people who send us the job briefs at CX Talent Ltd are from an HR and resourcing background and we felt it would be helpful to provide an explanation of terms to make interpreting a brief and finding the ideal candidate just a little bit easier. If we’ve missed any out, please do get in touch and we will keep updating the list. You can also download your own copy of our Glossary from this page.

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As Is                                Describes current position of brand                       

BE                                    Brand Equity           

CBT                                 Customer Benefit Tracker

CEF                                 Customer Experience Framework

CI                                    Continuous Improvement

CIS                                  Customer Information System

CMS                                Content Management System

CRM                                Customer Relationship Management

Csat                                Customer Satisfaction

CX                                   Customer Experience

FLS                                   Front Line Staff

IVR                                   Interactive Voice Response

LTV                                   Life Time Value

MI                                    Market Intelligence

MoT                                  Moment of Truth

NPS                                   Net Promoter Score

PoD                                   Point of Desire

PoP                                   Point of Pain

RCA                                  Root Cause Analysis

RoC                                  Return on Customer

To Be                                Where the vision takes the brand

TOM                                 Target Operating Model

UX                                    User Experience (online)

VoC                                  Voice of the Customer

Advocates                      Customer who promotes a brand

Attributes                         Describe what matters and how customers

Charter                            CX commitments to customers

Churn                               When customers leave

Detractors                        Customer who openly criticises

Effort                                  Measure similar to Csat or NPS

Engagement                    Customer connect to brand

Emo-driver                        Customer’s emotional driver

Council                             Senior forum to assess progress

Journey Maps                  Show how customers engage

Dashboard                        Top line view of CX performance

On-boarding                     Initiating stakeholders in CX

Passives                             Customers who are ambivalent

Principles                           Workable version of attributes

Promoters                          Customers who openly support

Root Cause                       The reason creating an issue

Sentiment                          Reasons in customer feedback

Stakeholders                     Those impacted by CX            

Text analytics                   Auto audio & text learning tool

Touch point                      Where Customer Engages with brand e.g. web,

Transactional                    Purchase triggered interaction

Verbatim                            Freehand customer feedback

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