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Customer Experience – the new discipline on the block

When you are looking to recruit a SAP programmer or a marketing campaign manager the skills are pretty defined and the calibre measurable by the task involved. The reason being often because the role has been in place for some time or there are industry benchmarks to compare.

However, when it comes to Customer Experience (CX), a discipline dependent on the past to create a better future for the business, because the discipline is relatively new comparative to others in the organisation, there’s less for business’ to feed off and even less for recruitment teams to structure roles around.

Like any function within an organisation there are the leaders, the ideas people and the implementers. But the broad range of skills required are more consistent with those you would be seeking in an agency event planner than a senior manager or business analyst. This makes the task of the recruiter that much harder.

Do you recruit for the ‘AS IS’ or the ‘TO BE’ phase?

These well-used expressions by customer experience practioners relate to the current state of the customer experience they are working with and the improved future state they are tasked with arriving at. The skills required across these two phases can be very different.

Fixing areas of customer experience typically requires operational experience and stakeholder management skills, whilst moving to the design of a future state is more effectively achieved with a team of inspirational creative minds. Although most business will understandably wish to retain the knowledge amassed as they evolve their customer experience strategy and that means great people who can transcend both phases.

Another consideration is how ‘customer centred’ your organisation is now. This will again impact the skills and experience needed in the team. If using NPS to drive business performance, impacting improvements is common currency in the corridors and you are well on your way. However, if you receive high levels of complaints about your activities and you don’t know where the problems stem from, you are probably nearer the start of your CX journey.

What’s driving the focus on Customer Experience?

We have identified there are four drivers of customer experience. And whilst creating happier customers is an outcome, this is never the motivation.  The reasons range from using CX to gain competitive advantage in a sector where the customers experience has been ignored through to CEO’s  being inundated with complaints letters. When you combine the motive behind a CX strategy and the customer centred maturity of a business it becomes clear that not all CX candidates, regardless of experience are right for a business.

Understanding this and applying it to your situation is key to ensuring the people you appoint are the right ones. Having a recruitment specialist that can convert this knowledge into finding and proposing the right candidates for your business will help you to achieve your customer experience ambitions.

A specialist recruitment agency for those serious about Customer Experience

At CX Talent, we recognise the complex nature of recruiting for your Customer Experience team.  Our ambition is to provide the specialised assistance that companies need in order to recruit the right people to deliver the best results in this sector. We aim to attract the best talent - and to work with the most interesting client brief.


We have developed a FREE ‘CX Maturity Matrix’ tool to help you ascertain where you are on your journey as an organisation. From here you can identify the skills and the right calibre of candidate for your specific task.


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